• Pine Garden

    Pine Garden

    Pine Garden was formerly inside of a pine forest and used as the military department's office of Hualien Port. Now, it shares the area with Broadcasting Cooperation Hualien, Chunghwa Telecom,and Meilun waterworks facility.

    Distance 3.1 Km,Driving time 10 Minute
  • Ji'an Keishuin

    Ji'an Keishuin

    Keishuin, a third - level historical site in Hualien, was built during the Japanese Occupation, and served not only as aspiritual center for Japanese immigrants but also a medical center, learning center, and funeral home.

    Distance 3.8 Km,Driving time 11 Minute
  • National Dong Hwa University

    National Dong Hwa University

    Set between mountains and sea in a valley where a backdrop of natural beauty and a tapestry of cultures invite broad new perspectives, a place apart from the confines of city life, National Dong Hwa University commands Taiwan's largest campus, a place of spacious lawns, scenic vistas, and elegant modern architecture, a place where a first-rate faculty and state-of-the-art facilities open the world of learning up to exploration.

    Distance 13.3 Km,Driving time 21 Minute
  • Qixingtan Scenic Area

    Qixingtan Scenic Area

    Located on the northeast beach of Xincheng Town, Qixingtan is the only county level scenic area in Hualien. Besides the crescent bay and clear blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, the beach is full of colorful agates that are easily found and appreciated. Qixingtan used to be a small fishing village.

    Distance 12.1 Km,Driving time 22 Minute
  • Farglory Ocean Park

    Farglory Ocean Park

    Hualien, Taiwan called the mountain, but it is a world-class landscape has a magnificent treasures. In order to make the world more people can enjoy this beautiful waters, a maritime central theme, leisure, entertainment, health, education, environmental protection, culture and other intellectual and emotional qualities in one, to create a top international resort standards Hualien Farglory ocean Park.

    Distance 11.2 Km,Driving time 19 Minute
  • Liyu Lake

    Liyu Lake

    Located in Shoufeng Township,at the northern tip of East Rift Valley Scenic Area, Liyu Lake is the largest inland lake in Hualien. It is a barrier lake formed by the tributaries of Mugua River and Hualien River. The water comes from underground springs and is crystal clear all year round. There are a park, camp ground, bike trail, and other facilities. Water sports like boating, cross-lake swimming, and the Dragon Boat Festival are all held here. From time to time various performances also take place here.

    Distance 13.9 Km,Driving time 24 Minute
  • Lai Sang Sushi House

    Lai Sang Sushi House

    Hualien ultra-popular Japanese food sushi Lai Mulberry House offers improved desktop for desktop dishes Japanese cuisine, in-store, Japanese and seafood dishes, with a good dare materials, cheap and tastes, just a few years has become the most representative of the local one Japanese.

    Distance 0.3 Km,Driving time 1 Minute
  • Golden Triangle district

    Golden Triangle district

    Central Road, Chung Cheng Road, Zhonghua Road, Golden Triangle shopping district formed in Hualien city's most vibrant, prosperous of the lot, in combination around "ditch wei", "one street", "recovery Street", "Great Business area after Yu Street "," old railroad district "formed by the residents of the eastern region is one of the most important shopping locations.

    Distance 1.1 Km,Driving time 5 Minute
  • a-zone Hualien Cultural and Creative Industry Park

    a-zone Hualien Cultural and Creative Industry Park

    Hualien cultural and creative industrial park a-zone located in the heart of Hualien, built a hundred years ago, is an area of 3.3 hectares of historic settlements.

    Distance 0.9 Km,Driving time 4 Minute
  • Far Eastern Department Stores

    Far Eastern Department Stores

    FEDS Hualien Store is a glass curtain wall building decorated with local style wood grill. A stone and pottery art square in the front plaza – a 47-meter high aboriginal totem tower with a big sailing boat image has made this building a landmark in Hualian City. The posh modem design style mingled with the aboriginal picturesque pillars carries the “aboriginal” style throughout the building.

    Distance 0.5 Km,Driving time 2 Minute
  • Taroko National Park

    Taroko National Park

    Taroko National Park, situated in the eastern part of the Taiwan and established on November 28, 1986, covers more than 92,000 hectares in the northern section of the Central Mountain Range.

    Distance 25.2 Km,Driving time 40 Minute