• Lai Sang Sushi House

    Lai Sang Sushi House

    Hualien ultra-popular Japanese food sushi Lai Mulberry House offers improved desktop for desktop dishes Japanese cuisine, in-store, Japanese and seafood dishes, with a good dare materials, cheap and tastes, just a few years has become the most representative of the local one Japanese.

    Distance 0.3 Km,Driving time 1 Minute
  • Golden Triangle district

    Golden Triangle district

    Central Road, Chung Cheng Road, Zhonghua Road, Golden Triangle shopping district formed in Hualien city's most vibrant, prosperous of the lot, in combination around "ditch wei", "one street", "recovery Street", "Great Business area after Yu Street "," old railroad district "formed by the residents of the eastern region is one of the most important shopping locations.

    Distance 1.1 Km,Driving time 5 Minute